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Grimmuseum gUG is a non-profit artists-run institution that promotes visual art, performance art and sound art in the premises of the former Luise Grimm Museum in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Grimmuseum was founded in 2010 by artist Enrico Centonze with the goal to create an interdisciplinary platform for established as well as emerging Berlin-based artists and curators. The institution functions as an open, accessible and process based exhibition space, showing a wide-ranging spectrum of contemporary art production. Over the last two years Grimmuseum has worked with more than 400 international artists and upcoming curator talents.

For Supermarket 2013 Grimmuseum gUG will show the works and performance of Andr.s Galeano.

Indexical_2012-performance_Andrés-Galeano_photo by Malgorzata
Indexical_2012_Andrés-Galeano photo by Mariusz 'Marchewa' Marchlewicz.jpg
Andrés Galeano_2012_unknownphotographers#6_C-Prints_ 18-6x17cm.jpg
Andrés Galeano_2012_Unknown photographers#13_C-Prints_ 40 x 50 cm.jpg
Andrés Galeano_2012_Unknown Photographers #5 24-5x20cm.jpg

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