Greylight Projects

Hoensbroek/Brussels, Netherlands/Belgium

Burgemeester Kessenplein 1
6431 KM Hoensbroek
Hoensbroek/Brussels, Netherlands/Belgium

Greylight Projects is a platform for contemporary art practices and culture founded in 2009 in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Greylight Projects focuses on supporting artists in their researches and practices by facilitating, producing and/or organizing events. Greylight Projects program consist exhibitions, projects in public space and publications. There are two guest studio’s for artist who are invited to work in relation to the environment. Greylight Projects has no restriction in terms of media or origins of the artistic practices. It has been an organic and intuitive development since the beginning focusing on the work of the artist, and how this could be increased, enhanced in the dialogue with others and shared with the public.

What the Flag? at Greylight Projects Hoensbroek
The Chapel at Greylight Projects Brussels
DISPLAY at Greylight Projects Hoensbroek
Out of the Blue video program