Grafiska Sällskapet / The Swedish Printmakers' Association

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Hornsgatan 6
11820 Stockholm

Grafiska Sällskapet, the Swedish Printmakers’ Association, is a collective of some 430 active printmakers from all over Sweden. The association functions as an information centre and meeting point for the members and for those who appreciate prints.

The association runs a gallery, which is part of a vast network of contacts to other printmakers’ collective workshops and printmakers’ associations in Sweden and abroad.

The Swedish Printmakers’ Association is supported by The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County Council and the City of Stockholm.

At Supermarket 2013 the Swedish Printmakers’ Association will present the work of ten selected artists: Jenny Andersson, Marie Andersson, Malin Johansson, Maria J.nson, Robin Montelius, Elvire Soyez, Tracy Sweeney, Kristina Thun, Tobias Törnqvist, and Kajsa Åhlander Persson.

Marie Andersson, FAS, collografi, 7 x 2 m, 2011
Malin Johansson, untitled, silkscreen, 100 x 90 cm
Maria Jönson, untitled, giclé, 29,7 x 42 cm
Robin Montelius, Sjöstad, etching, 2011
Tracy Sweeney, Spår (part of installation), collografi/carborundum, 38 x 69 cm, 2011
Kristina Thun, untitled, Photopolymeretching, 10 x 12 cm, 2011
Tobias Törnqvist, Poff, drypoint, 2012
Kajsa Åhlander Persson, untitled, collografi, 49 x 72 cm, 2012
Jenny Anderson, Kvinna, 57 x 45,5 cm, cyanotype, 2012