Grafiska Sällskapet

Stockholm, Sweden

Hornsgatan 6
11820 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Printmakers’ Association was founded in 1910 by a handful of artists with the intention, then as now, of furthering the interests of printmakers, arranging print exhibitions and distributing information about printmaking as an art form. The Association has worked internationally from the very beginning, exhibiting in many countries, and arranging print exhibitions from abroad. The Swedish Printmakers´ Association runs a gallery from which there is a vast network of contacts to other printmakers´ collective workshops and printmakers´ associations in Sweden and abroad. The Association functions as an information centre and meeting point for those who appreciate prints and for artists who are printmakers. Its members are testing and extending the boundaries, if indeed there are any, of printmaking. It is a collective of some 430 active printmakers encompassing just as many means of expression. A jury chooses new members every year. Work is submitted and qualifications are assessed.

What are the ways artists and designers use publishing as a form of communication? What are the implications of continuing to work with printing physically tangible works in the 21st century; what are strategies for working fluidly between digital and analogue to produce published works in this context?
Göteborg's Grafik i Väst, and Stockholm's Grafiska Sällskapet printmaking galleries, in collaboration with Göteborg-based publishing company Rundqvist, will engage in artistic production of magazines, books, posters and other ephemera. The booth will include tools of production, such as a risograph machine with 5 colors, a laser printer, and letterpress resources to use to print in-situ.
The collaboration "TEAM" will create artworks, such as 'zines, artists' books, and posters, also involving students from the grafik pre-university and university programmes from around Sweden, including Dômen, Göteborgs Konstskola. Other GiV and GS members will also participate in the activities, and Supermarket visitors are also welcome to participate!
The priorities of the project are to present how exciting printmaking can be, while helping us to re-think our own personal relationships to publishing in this context, and to inspire the public to reconsider the multiple ways printmaking remains and will continue to be a powerful tool for communication.

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