Grafik i Väst

Göteborg, Sweden

Storgatan 20
411 38 Göteborg
Göteborg, Sweden

What are the ways artists and designers use publishing as a form of communication? What are strategies for working fluidly between digital and analogue to produce published works in this context?
A team from Göteborg's Grafik i Väst, and Stockholm's Grafiska Sällskapet printmaking galleries, in collaboration with Göteborg-based publishing company Rundqvist, and our Strasbourg-based "Artist in Residence" for the Fair, Claire Hannicq, will engage in artistic production of magazines, books, posters and other ephemera. The booth will include tools of production, such as a risograph machine with 5 colors, a laser printer, and letterpress resources to use to print in-situ. GiV and GS members will also participate in the activities, and Supermarket visitors are also welcome to participate!

Eva at work
Letterpress printing!
Risograph prints