Grafik i Väst

Göteborg, Sweden

Storgatan 20
411 38 Göteborg
Göteborg, Sweden

Grafik i Väst (GiV) is an artist-run, non-profit printmaking association and gallery with 270 nationally and internationally based members. GiV is also part of an extensive network of European print studios: GiV came about as a result of a growing need for a complement to the institutional infrastructure of the fine arts and we house an impressive bank of some 4000 edition prints. With our administrator/gallery host in the centre and some co-funding by Region Västra Götaland we organize internal and external exhibitions, artist presentations, collaborative workshops, lectures, regular updated membership catalogues, an annual print scholarship for student printmakers etc. To improve the public's access to the member´s works, we have just presented a new website. Grafik i Väst is also involved in the ongoing discussions concerning art and cultural policies in our contemporary society. We see our cultural heritage in connection to printmaking, not as something to merely preserve but to develop and acknowledge with freedom of speech and expression as irrefutable references.

What are the ways artists and designers use publishing as a form of communication? What are strategies for working fluidly between digital and analogue to produce published works in this context?
A team from Göteborg's Grafik i Väst, and Stockholm's Grafiska Sällskapet printmaking galleries, in collaboration with Göteborg-based publishing company Rundqvist, and our Strasbourg-based "Artist in Residence" for the Fair, Claire Hannicq, will engage in artistic production of magazines, books, posters and other ephemera. The booth will include tools of production, such as a risograph machine with 5 colors, a laser printer, and letterpress resources to use to print in-situ. GiV and GS members will also participate in the activities, and Supermarket visitors are also welcome to participate!

Eva at work
Letterpress printing!
Risograph prints