Golden Bee

Stockholm, Sweden

Brännkyrkagatan 55 lgh 1501
11822 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Golden Bee is a global collective of creative collaborators inspired by literal and metaphoric engagement with bees. At the heart of the project are notions of interconnection, sustainability in all spheres, and the linking of art, ideas and community to further social and cultural progress.

Golden Bee is an international collective with a common interest in using art and literature to explore bee ecology, and our shared relationship with bees through culture, mythology and our social and built environments. Through collaboration and creative expression, Golden Bee aims to:
· present a series of exhibitions that draw attention to the plight of bees’, symptomatic of broader environmental issues.
· develop an international network and build an online archive containing the collective’s creative productions.
For the 2017 Supermarket Art Fair we present: ‘Golden Bee – intimate hunting and gathering’. Contributors include artists and writers from Australia, Europe and South America.

Bernadette Boscacci, ‘Melliferous 2’ (detail), mixed media, 22x11x11cm, 2016.
Fairlie Sandilands, ‘Worked to death’, photograph, 20 x 27.5 cm, 2016.
Bleurgh! (Jess Cook [vocals], Scott Gordon-Gillespie [guitar/loops], Sam Barr [drums], Dan Jacobson [bass/piano], Miguel Valenzuela [keys/cuatro/loops], Clem Girault [electric guitar]), Improvised performance at Hive Alive! Sydney, Australia. Photographer: Bernadette Boscacci
Robyn Sweeney, ‘Foray rose window’, mixed media on canvas, 20 x 20 x 10 cm, 2016.