Gocart Gallery

Visby, Sweden

In July 2012 the company Nordkalk were granted permission to quarry for limestone in the area of Ojnareskogen on Gotland, a small island in the Baltic Sea.
What will this area become in a few decades when that work ends? What will happen when all
the limestone is gone and Nordkalk have moved onto a new project? What will remain of this unique island? – A devastated nature, uninhabitable land and ruined drinking water for years to come.
The conflict in Ojnareskogen represents one of many focal points in the world that exposes conflicting perspectives on life and the consequences of them, and is the subject of our “On Sale” show.
Participating artists: Kristina Laurent, Edit Mag, Tina Messing, Mark Savior, C.Anders Wallén.
Gocart Gallery is run by The Gallery-Association in Visby.

Gocart Gallery in Visby is run by “The Gallery-association in Gotland” that consists of about 80 artists and a board of 9 representatives. Our aim is to show interesting contemporary art and the gallery also serves as a vital cultural focal point for both members and guests.

Gocart Gallery initiates and encourages co-operation and exchanges with local, national and international artists, collectives and organizations.

C. Anders Wallén “Sans Issue”, Video Still, 2009
Mårten Medbo “Schoolyard monkeys”, Stoneware, 2011
Mårten Medbo “Schoolyard monkeys”, Stoneware, 2011
Mårten Medbo “Schoolyard monkeys”, Stoneware, 2011
Erik Scheid, untitled, 2011
Karin Landin Larsson "Nyckel" Oil on panel, 2011
Mona Malmström "Best Friend Snap I" Digital Print, 2010
Hanna Stahle "Turbulent 2" 2011
Butoh dancer Frauke performs in Lifeboat installation, Gocart Gallery 2011, Photo: Anders Larsson