Gocart Gallery

Visby, Sweden

Klosterbrunnsgatan 1A
62156 Visby
Visby, Sweden


Gocart Gallery presents the new travel agency "Krupnik tours" with the destination Inside Out. Half way to Russia we find Gocart Gallery in the middle of the Baltic Sea, which is run by the gallery association in Gotland. Our aim is to show contemporary art that interest us. The space also serves as a vital cultural focal point for both members and guests and we initiate and encourage cooperation and exchanges with local, national and international artists, collectives and organisations. Gocart Gallery is funded by Region Gotland and by the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturr├ądet). Participating artists: Performans group "Kropnic tours" with Mervi Kekarainen, Kristina Frank and Pia Ingelse. Separate art pieces by Mark Savior and Jeanette Path.

Rabbits performing
Rabbits performing 2
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