Gallery Nectar / GeoAIR

Tbilisi, Georgia

Brother Zubalashvili 56A
0108 Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia

Gallery Nectar / GeoAIR

Gallery Nectar represents an artistic space for contemporary non-mainstream, regional and outsider art in Tbilisi. The gallery is on Agmashenebeli Avenue in the midst of small beauty and wedding shops in one of the oldest quarters of the city and near to the open art market.

GeoAIR is backed with rich experience of implementing cultural projects locally and internationally. Through its activities: collaborative cultural projects, residency programme and Archidrome – contemporary art archive and discussions, GeoAIR stimulates and raises awareness on contemporary art and culture in Georgia.

GeoAIR Residency
GeoAIR office and Archive
Gallery Nectar
Gallery Nectar - Six Curators, Ten Artists
Gallery Nectar, Basement