Kyiv, Ukraine

str. Ryzka 74, box №223, postal code 04060
04060 Kyiv
Kyiv, Ukraine

Garage33.Gallery-Shelter is an artist/curator-run, international, non-binary, experimental art space for contemporary art from “conflict?”. Our gallery was founded by [Maria Kulikovska + Uleg Vinnichenko] and SPP [School of Political Performance] in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2019. We are a democratic space for art, which is pushed aside onto the margins and remained outside the official discourse. We lack the hierarchical symptoms, we talk on an equal level, we present the artworks by different artists - mid-career and well-known as well as emerging or underrated. We are a hybrid art space for the freedom of speech of people, who were denied a voice,who lost a voice, those whose voice was taken away. Within the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, we invite all to our Holy Blue & Yellow. Holy Blue & Yellow is a dinner party where artists will gather to have dialogue about the war, migration, social, cultural, political, national, gender conflicts. Holy Blue & Yellow is a meeting place of artists with different languages, through the different mediums and in different visual aesthetics, but talking about the same things. Holy Blue & Yellow is a space-shelter for presentation of artists of various nationalities, with different backgrounds, experiences, traumas, working with different contexts, but united by a similar attitude to new modernity and art place in it. We invite all of you to a blue&yellow dinner party. Visit our space as blue&yellow fluff - Holy Blue & Yellow.

Burned Epoxy Bust by [Maria Kulikovska+Uleg Vinnichenko]
Textile object by Kateryna Seheda
Watercolors from the series "My Beautiful. Wife?" by Maria Kulikovska
The Last Human Mother and Baby. Digital print by Julia Beliaeva
Queer Pink Balaclavas by V
Holy Blue & Yellow manifest poster