Tirana , Albania

Rruga Abdi Toptani
1000 Tirana
Tirana , Albania

Established in 2017 and located in the heart of Tirana,Gallery70 aims to be communicative, international, multidisciplinary developing a network that contributes to artists empowerment and encourages international artists exchange. Gallery70 is build not only as a traditional gallery where visitors can discover art in a personal and intimate space but the entire gallery is treated as an art installation. Gallery 70 is thus transformed into a communicative instrument with the public making artists and contemporary art easily accessible to the audience. A dynamic and engaging art space inviting artlovers to learn, discover, explore, access, possess and love art !

Gallery70's goal is to provide a space for promotion and career development to established, emerging and young artists, hosting an international exhibition programme and facilitating artists’ exchange and mobility. Its excellent location at the very heart of the city, with a triangular shape and an 8 metre large window display, offers artists and curators the chance for experimentation and site specific installation.

Our four artists participating this year in Supermarket present a series of artworks that join the main theme of the fair in a very personal perspective:

Kristanja Çene proposes “The tongue”... this little small fleshy part inside our mouth that can cause so much damage. This so soft piece of our body , that cannot be domesticated, so unruly and full of venom. Life and death lie in its power. It is similar to the human head in my artwork, that bends its tongue like a bow.

Symphony of Mockery by Jon Kraja depicts moments of the constant and never-ending mocking human performance , under the lights of chandeliers, wondering if mockery has become our only way to communicate . The artwork is build by constructing and deconstructing the image. The brutal spill over of the color destroys the figure and the original order , provoking the chaos that delivers the final image. Jon Kraja introduces in this series a gestural , central black and white, irregular line “I don’t know if it is a frequency of energy , a childhood flashback of the jamming image, as seen in the TV , or a fragment of heart ECG. But I know that it helps me to tell a story in multiple levels”.

For Resina Meçani that comes with “Fruit Market” Everything that was covered by a canopy of sunlight is now leaving room for the night lights. Life went on, quietly. What I was more interested in were the fruit and vegetable markets. They had their own vivid life, like some sort of theatrical pieces.

Grandmother's Eye- installation by Inda Sela , deals with the memory. An expression in visual language has often the fatal narrowness of occurring as a discharge of intelligence and sometimes has the fate of being triggered by artifacts that return the time from a frozen state to more direct experiences of feelings. Art for me is a incongruity between the journey of intelligence and the personalised framework of experience. The product is the time that decomposes this bumpy encounter. The time-traveling visualisations that I propose do nothing but collide the emotional process with personalized conventions. In a mix media where I present this artwork, there is room for an intermediate dialogue like this.

Supermarket booth 2023
Supermarket booth 2023
Supermarket booth 2023
Outside view at Gallery70, 2023
Launching event of Artmagnifier by Gallery70, supported by British Council. 4July 2022
Symphony of Mockery by Jon Kraja