Galleria VISU

Kokkola, Finland

Borgmästaregatan 2
67100 Karleby / Kokkola
Kokkola, Finland

VISU ry/rf is an artist-run initiative in Kokkola, Finland and we have a gallery space where we show contemporary art exhibitions from outside of Kokkola, by both Finnish and international artists. The possibilities for hands on contact with contemporary art are rather small up here, and we want to emphasise the right to art for everyone, not just the ones who live in the centre. It is also an important part of education for school children to see real art, live, and we arrange projects and workshops to make this happen. We cooperate with the Nordic Art School and the Drake Art residency.

Participating artists: Katja Skinnari, Jyrki Portin, and Anna Ulff.

Katja Skinnari "Speed blindness"
Katja Skinnari "Lika a fish in the water"
Jyrki Portin "Anne, Pekka ja Jonne"
Jyrki Portin "Nelli ja Aki"
Anna Ulff "Rorschach"
Anna Ulff "A hook"
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