Galleria Sculptor

Helsinki, Finland

Eteläranta 12
00130 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Galleria Sculptor is an artist-run contemporary art gallery located in the Helsinki city center and maintained by the Association of Finnish Sculptors. Its diverse exhibition program presents a wide range of cutting-edge art every year, with a special focus on contemporary sculpture art. The exhibitions are innovative and surprising, challenging the viewer to see things differently. The association organizes also events and exhibitions outside the gallery.

At Supermarket Art Fair 2017 Galleria Sculptor will present works by three members of The Association of Finnish Sculptors. The participating artists are Petri Eskelinen, Pauno Pohjolainen and Paavo Räbinä. The works by these artists create a great sneak peek to what Finnish sculpture has to offer in 2017.

Each artist is represented with one work. Petri Eskelinen, an artist with a strong interest on solving problems with mechanical means, will present his work “The Mechanichs of Hugging”, which is an interactive wooden sculpture, that teaches one to hug properly. The work also includes an “instruction video” showing people using the work for the first time.
The second artist to participate is Pauno Pohjolainen, who is known for his expressive, large scale wooden works that often redefine both sculpture and painting. One of his works, “Tiernapoika” (Stjärngosse) will be shown at the fair.
Together with the sculptures a video installation "We – Together" by Paavo Räbinä will be shown. The installation deals with the questions of social exclusion; the ability to understand others and to put oneself in another’s shoes. The installation will be shown from 3 to 4 screens.
Together these three works create a visually pleasing and thematically interesting combination, which represents well the variety of Finnish contemporary sculpture.

The Mechanics of Hugging by Petri Eskelinen
The Mechanics of Hugging by Petri Eskelinen
We – Together by Paavo Räbinä