Galleria Sculptor

Helsinki, Finland

Eteläranta 12
00130 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Galleria Sculptor is an artist-run contemporary art gallery located in the Helsinki city center and maintained by the Association of Finnish Sculptors. Its diverse exhibition program presents a wide range of cutting-edge art every year, with a special focus on contemporary sculpture art. The exhibitions are innovative and surprising, challenging the viewer to see things differently. The association organizes also events and exhibitions outside the gallery.

Aaron Heino will present some of his small-scale sculptures made of stainless steel and fibreglass. His works are abstract and seductively beautiful. The aesthetics are reminiscent of industrial design. Tiina Laasonen works with wood and creates forms that are soft and playful. Her themes are happiness and how it is allocated. Emma Rönnholm combines different materials, such as pin needles and buttons. She also makes moving sculptures that make sound. There is an element of unease and pain in her works even though at the first glance they seem harmless, which creates intriguing tension.

Tiina Laasonen: HAPPY DAYS, 2015
Aaron Heino: A Natural Feature, 2015
Emma Rönnholm: Kämmenellinen
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