Galleria Rajatila

Tampere, Finland

Galleria Rajatila displays contemporary visual art of all genres, focusing on young artists.

The exhibition program includes three, and one week times. The three week exhibition times are selected through an open application process every 6 months. The one week times are there to offer a possibility to react on a shorter notice on current events, and organise more experimental projects, and for them we take applications through out the year.

The gallery is run by a non-profit organisation of artists under the age of 36, called the Rajataide Art Association. The association was founded in 1996 by a group of 10 young artists and the gallery opened in 1997. The association has since grown to be a network of over 80 visual art and media professionals. 

The gallery and the association behind it are based on non-profit functions - the projects are organised through voluntary work contributed by our members. Besides exhibitions, we organise e.g. artist talks, video art screenings, performance events, and workshops.

Johanna Havimäki, “Toivo Ilmari”, from the serie "Palautetut pojat", mixed media, height 65cm, 2011
Maija Kovari, “Up-Down-Up -Dictionary”, installation, 20 x 5 x 4 m, 2010
Anne Lehtelä, “Tanssi”, video 1:25, 2010