Galleria Huuto

Helsinki, Finland

Panimokatu 1
00580 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

Galleria Huuto wants to offer you a space to unwind and recharge. Soft Spot is an installation where you can have a rest inside the thrilling atmosphere of the art fair.
As a gallery we are committed to a more inclusive, safer space for all. Respect others and their art experiences. Take time for yourself. Sometimes art might even spark a possibility for healing.
Galleria Huuto is an artist-run organization in Helsinki, Finland. Huuto has been active since 2002, with more than 140 members. In the spring 2023 Huuto moved to Kalasatama in Helsinki, and now runs four gallery spaces. Huuto functions as a platform for contemporary art exhibitions, collaborations, screenings, and events. Huuto is managed by a board, an executive director and exhibition coordinator. Selection committee for the upcoming exhibitions is chosen from Huuto member artists and changes every half a year.
Juliana Hyrri, Kaarina Ormio, Laura Pakarinen, Siiri Pohjolainen, Hans-Peter Schütt and Eero Yrjölä represent Huuto at Supermarket 2023.