Galleria Huuto

Helsinki, Finland

Eerikinkatu 36
00180 Helsinki
Helsinki, Finland

The Great Wheel of Fortune keeps on turning – come in, spin and win an exhibition opportunity, fame and glory, masterpieces by Huuto artists as well as by anonymous geniuses, lost and found art objects, words of wisdom or a shiny badge. When the game is art, everybody wins!
Of the question of the taboos of today, we'd like to point at a defining one: Ownership - the one the art world also has trouble dealing with. Our booth will be a carnival space, dominated by a large Wheel of Fortune. Lotteries are arranged, where real as well as fictional pieces of art can be won, pointing critically at the conventions of ownership, authority and originality.

Nuutti Koskinen & Huuto Working Group, 'Wheel of Fortune', sketches, 2019, photo: Nuutti Koskinen
Wheel of Fortune prizes, 2019, photo: Nuutti Koskinen

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