Galleria Huuto

Helsinki, Finland

Galleria Huuto is an artist run organisation in Helsinki, Finland, active since 2002, with more than 100 members. In August 2018 Huuto moved to the city center and now runs four gallery spaces in Eerikinkatu. Annually as many as 50 to 70 contemporary exhibitions are organised in Huuto's premises. Huuto functions as a platform for solo and group exhibitions covering the broad range of styles and media of contemporary art, as well as a space for international collaboration, non-commercial art, screenings, performance events and other artistic statements. Huuto is managed by a board and an executive director. Selection committee for exhibitions suggested for the gallery spaces is chosen from Huuto member artists and changes every half a year.

Galleria Huuto is an independent artist collective located in Helsinki, Finland. Currently Huuto maintains two galleries, both located at the center of Helsinki. Annually Huuto organizes as many as 35 contemporary art exhibitions.
Galleria Huuto came into being in November 2002, when more than 25 young artists, frustrated with the rigidness of the traditional art institutions, decided to establish a gallery for themselves. Right from the start Huuto artists have shared a common initiative with a desire to communicate directly with the audience. Huuto founders wanted to show their work in a place free of middlemen and narrow hierarchical structures.
A great amount of artists from Finland and abroad have taken part in exhibitions and other projects in Galleria Huuto, from which 88 have joined as members of the collective by now.
The freedom and independence of artistic work are the core values of Huuto, according to which all conditions are arranged. The gallery is run on a voluntary basis and costs are kept minimal. Huuto is especially aimed to stand as a forum for young and experimental art.

Satu Rautiainen, "Silent Place", 2010, Oil on board, 51x75cm
Pasi Malkia, "Heading home", 2011, painted plaster, 34x34x32cm
Marjo Levlin, "Denkmal", 2011, video (HDV), dur: 30min
Aleksi Tolonen, "Modern Antiques", 2010, plaster, steel rods, wooden frame, dimension variable
Marja Viitahuhta, "Spotlight", performance, dur: 30min