Galleri Se Konst

Falun, Falun, Sweden

Kråkbacken 3
78392 Stora Skedvi

Galleri Se Konst is an artist-run gallery in Falun, founded three years ago. We are the only artist-run gallery in the region of Dalarna, and our aim is to show interesting contemporary art, national and international, and broaden the local art scene.

We mainly work with artists that we invite to hold exhibitions. We gladly cooperate with other galleries/institutions/museums to widen our network and contacts. We are curious about other forms of cultural expression, and have offered space to live music and literary readings. We love to put artists to work, and offer each year a ‘Printmaking Workshop Prize’ to an artist who is not normally working with graphics.

Galleri Se Konst, 2012, Photo John Rasimus
Prints and paintings by Karin Granqvist, 2012, Photo Patric Engfeldt
Juan Milanes at Galleri Se, 2012, Photo Patric Engfeldt
Literary reading, 2012, Photo John Rasimus
PO Hagström at Galleri Se, 2012, Photo John Rasimus
Brunnsviks folkhögskola at Galleri Se, 2012, Photo John Rasimus
Barbara Penn, 2011, Photo John Rasimus
International printmaking, 2009, Photo John Rasimus
Painting by Stefan Johansson, 2009, Photo Jonas Kjellgren