Galleri Rostrum

Malmö, Sweden

Västergatan 21
211 21 Malmö
Malmö, Sweden

Galleri Rostrum presents seven positions that delve into an exploration of our own diversity, commonality and affinity. Christoph Mügge mainly makes installations where power structures and how various conflicts influence our daily life are examined. With humour as a method Anna Lönn Franko investigates the role of women in today's society. Rooted in found and personal photography, Lars Herman Hegg’s paintings explore themes of sub-cultures and identity. Ulrika Pihlström's works ask existential questions in a wide spectrum of references from art history, reductionist painting, object/sculpture, readymades and video, while Gisela Eriksson observes our surroundings, and invites the public to participate. Lisa Fjellman works with paper and pen, film- and still- cameras, digital and analogue, in real or virtual rooms, and Ewa Berg has an ongoing work with a colour archive of paintings from different places.

Galleri Rostrum is an artist-run gallery that started in 1985. It is run on a voluntary basis with the support of Malmö City, Region Skåne and the Culture Council. We offer a rich and varied exhibition programme open to any form of artistic expression. Rostrum aims to be a room for the curious and searching, for art that is in close dialogue with the viewer. Galleri Rostrum shows about ten exhibitions a year, organises about as many Artist After Work (AAW) and carries out projects and exchanges with other self-organised platforms, nationally and internationally.

”Depot oder Deponie”, Christoph & Sebastian Mügge, 2021, DG Kunstraum, München (Tyskland), ritkol, väggfärg och krita på väggar, keramikskulpturer, tejp, strimlat papper, upphittade och modifierade föremål (tapeter, dörr med brevinkast, tidningar, brev, reklambroschyrer, konstgräs, disketter, VHS-band, vykort, gamla fotografier, krucifix, tjock-tv, videobandspelare med filmen ”Dinner for One”, film med intervjuer, diaprojektor med gamla diabilder, grafik från döda medlemmar i Deutsche Gesellschaft für Christliche Kunst, likkistor, urnor, gravbok m m), variabla mått
Filip Rahim Hansson, The night tripper (foto Hannes Iverssen)
Ulrika Philström, Readymade, Oslo 2022
Berit Sahlström, Gerd Enequist, porträttväv 230 x 140 cm, Universitetshuset, Uppsala 2016
Gisela Eriksson, Give peace a chance, Oslo 2022