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Galleri Rostrum
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21121 Malmö
Malmö, Sweden

Behind the Scene #10 SUPERMARKET
During 2015 Gallery Rostrum celebrated its 30th anniversary of operating as a non-profit Gallery in Malmö (1985-2015). To celebrate this we hosted an exhibition program that highlighted The Artists behind artist-run galleries to show the importance and impact of such organisations and spaces within cultural, historical and sociopolitical environments in Sweden and around Europe.
Galleri Rostrum is mainly focused on showing and facilitating exhibitions for artists that isn´t part of the Gallery. During the anniversary we decided to do a series of shorter group exhibitions called Behind the Scene #01- #09, where 2-3 members from Rostrum exhibited together during the spring, autumn and winter. (See pdf Galleri-rostrum-behinde-the-scen01-09.pdf) For us members and the audience it has been interesting to see, experience and get a better understanding of what all the members are doing within their own artistic practises. Everyone showed or produced specific artworks created in 2014-2015.
During these exhibitions unexpected encounters, constellations and collisions arose between the works of arts and the artists themselves. For Supermarket 2016, we would like to exhibit Behind the Scene #10 where we curate and make a selection of artworks from Behind the Scene #01-#09 and artworks that we are in the process of making during the spring 2016 for the ArtistBook/ Publication Behind the Scene #11, #12 and #13. (1) And most importantly we will be working together in the space . . .
For Rostrum, as a collective, it is important that all members can participate in our exhibition space, despite which media they work in. Our space will reflect our working dynamics within the collective. With Behind the Scene #10 we want to continue to share, manifest and show you all our very different processes of working together.
Footnote (1)
Gallery Rostrum are in the process of making an artistbook/ publication, where the aim is to produce two books in one case.  
Behind the Scene #11: 
A publication of the documentation of Behind the Scene #01-#09 (See pdf Galleri-rostrum-behinde-the-scen01-09.pdf) 
+ more documentation images and texts about Gallery Rostrum as an artist-run space and its importance in the context of Malmö, Skåne, Sweden. 
(Writers and written contributors to be confirmed, as well as possible guest talks.)
Behind the Scene #12:
This is a spin-off from the Behind the Scene #01 - #09 exhibitions. Where all the members create new Artworks during the spring of 2016 and for Behind the Scene #10 during SUPERMARKET Independent Art Fair 20th-24th April 2016. 
The work that we create during Supermarket 2016 will later be translated into a “book format”, where our original idea is that the members from each Behind the Scene #01 -#09 will get a certain number of spreads and together curate and collaborate in the similar manner, as we all did during the exhibitions. Hopefully this will evolve during Supermarket, and give us the opportunity to create an even more interesting publication.  
Publication date Autumn/ Winter 2016.
Behind the Scene #13: the Scene #13
Promotion and web present Artwork for the publication.

Behind the Scene #08_Gisela Eriksson and Roger Forslund
Behind the Scene #03_Helga Steppan_Mininature
Behind the Scene #06 - Bjørn Wangen
Behind the Scene #01_Jukka Värelä
Behind the Scene #02_Skulpture Lisbeth Grägg, Painting and Print Maria Lavman Vetö
Behind the Scene #06 - Magdolna Szabó