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Malmö, Sweden

– breaking boundaries
In every artistic movement, in every step of the artistic process, the risk is present. Present in order for us to move. We yet don't know were we are going, solely, because without the risk it is impossible to move, At all.
A risk - is a possibility of loss, but also a chance of meeting the unknown and the unpredictable solutions and outcomes. A risk-taking - can be used as a research process to make new thoughts possible and opens the possibility for mistakes. It is a process where "loss and gain" is present at the same time.
In this project, the participating artists will work with the theme of ‘taking a risk’ in their own individual and different artistic practises. This means that it could relate to content, expressions, visualites, sounds, colours or be used as a political activism. Where also small elements of risk-taking are equally important as big once. The common tread is, that we are all breaking a boundary in order to achieve something unpredictable. Let the serendipity begin . . .
“Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience. “
Paulo Coelho de Souza
”Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.”
”Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.”
Mark Rothko
”A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein
For Supermarket 2017, Gallery Rostrum would like to exhibit works that relate to the theme of RISK – breaking boundaries. The artwork will come together and will be presented through different projections combined with a collection of physical objects/art works.

We will also make postcards that are related to the same theme, where we invite, visitors and participators at Supermarket 2017, to have a dialog around risk taking within the artistic and creative processes.

Malin E Nilsson
From artisttalk LE GUN
Barbro Hemer
Cecilia Sering from The Projection Story
Helena Jurén
Helga Steppan, MirrorMe (Spegel väggskulptur - Plexiglas, träfiberskiva - 100x100x22cm) MirrorMe Spegelkamera l och ll (Specialbyggd kamera, dold inne i en bärbar spegel, som besökarna kan fotografera med) (Valchromat, plexiglas, digitalkamera - 15x15x15 cm - producerad med Nicklas Marelius (former Unsworn Industries)