Galleri NOS

Enskede, Sweden

Kaggeholmsvägen 39
12260 Enskede
Enskede, Sweden

NOS is an artist-run studio collective and gallery space in Tallkrogen, south of Stockholm. We curate exhibitions, make various collaborations, and are regularly exchanging exhibitions with other artist-run collectives. The platform was founded in 2016 by a group of newly graduated art students who wanted to create a more playful and accessible alternative to the city's commercial galleries.

In the exhibition at Supermarket 2023 we bring together three artists; Emma Hjelm, Jenny Käll and Johanna Kindahl. They all work with communication, existence, and the relationship between humans and animals from different perspectives. Emma Hjelm mainly works with animation. Through repetitive movements and loops, something - often a creature made of fake fur, wool or yarn - comes to life and express feelings such as frustration, worry, longing, loneliness, everyday life and companionship. Jenny Käll is interested in what is experienced as recognizable, yet foreign. She makes sculptures in various materials, such as ceramics, wood, bone, and fabric. For the exhibition, she takes the starting point in the ​​the complex relationship humans have with animals and will produce a number of animal-like creatures. Johanna Kindahl's sculptures revolve around different types of biological communication systems. For example, she has been inspired by how butterflies communicate with their wings by reflecting UV light at certain angles. Based on this, she has created a sculptural system where the final works communicate and connect different points in the room.

Johanna Kindahl: Yellow Angled Signal / Reflects in the Butterfly’s Eye (Fork/Join), 2022 details
Johanna Kindahl: Yellow Angled Signal / Reflects in the Butterfly’s Eye (Fork/Join), 2022 Exhibition: Graduation Exhibition, Marabouparken Art Gallery, Stockholm 3.5 x 3 x 1 m, steel, PLA, translucent paper, string, color spreading film, color shifting film
Sculptures by Jenny Käll
Hästkalven by Jenny Käll
Emma Hjelm: Still from ”Den ulliga” from Oviss Väntan, stop-motion video of fake fur, loop 58 sec, 2021
Emma Hjelm: Image of installation Oviss Väntan, 13min, Bildmuseet in Umeå, 2021
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