Galleri Maskinen

Umeå, Umeå, Sweden

galleri maskinen
pilgatan 28 umeå

Galleri Maskinen is an artist-run, non-profit gallery without any fixed exhibition space, based in Umeå, Sweden. Our ambition is to offer an non-traditional platform that would not necessarily work inside the white cube. By creating an active meeting place for interdisciplinary artists through cooperation with international and local artists we aim to provide an alternative to the more established institutions. The end goal is to give a place to lesser exposed trends in the contemporary art scene. Established, as well as unestablished artists are represented at Galleri Maskinen.

At Supermarket 2014 Galleri Maskinen presents Marte Edvarda Tidslevold.

“The work of Marte Edvarda Tidslevold deals with topics concerning how we relate to other people, our physical relations and the discomfort that can occur when the limits of our personal space are crossed. Her works also often require participation from the audience.”

Maskinen is currently a project based gallery without any fixed gallery space, since the summer of 2012.

It is run by Joakim Hansson, Jonas Westlund, Ann-Catrin Olsson, Eskil Liepa, Ylva Westerhult, Jonas Gazell and Malin Tivenius

Maskinen is an artist-run non-profit gallery space. Our ambition is to run an untraditional art space that doesn't recessarily work inside the white cube. We want to test the bounderies of what can be done and are interested in exploring experimental methods and expressions in contemporary art. We want to create an active meetingplace for different interdisciplinary artist through cooporation with local and international artists. The goal is to make an alternative to the bigger and more established institutions at the local art scene and give place to lesser exposed trends in the different forms of contemporary art. Established, as well as unestablished artists are represtented at Maskinen.

Markus Lervik at Galleri Maskinen, 2012