Galleri Lars Palm

Sandviken, Sweden

Fredriksgatan 35
811 33 Sandviken
Sandviken, Sweden

Galleri Lars Palm is a artist-run gallery situated in a old workers house in the industrial town Sandviken, Gävleborg region. The gallery is a part of the association Kf. Backbeatbolaget, a space of cultural co-habitation in art, music, graffiti, theatre and subculture. The gallery is curated by artists. We welcome artist from both Sweden and abroad to make exhibitions in our space. We are devoted to contemporary art and to be a place that urges experiment, as well as offering good and creative conditions for the artists.
At Supermarket Art Fair we present Abigail Janjic, an artist based in Geneva and engaged in our collaborative residency program OPTIC. In her work, the frenetic consumption of images are represented as a colourful merge of visual entities. With inspiration form digital errors and pixilated reproduction Abigail investigates images, pigment and material by scanning, cutting, copying and dissolving material that is later put together in a new order.
OPTIC is a self organized residency initiative made as a collaboration between Picto Association (Geneva) and Galleri Lars Palm / Konstfrämjandet Gävleborg together with other local associations in our region. Through OPTIC we want to create opportunities for artists in both Sweden and Switzerland to experience and contribute to an exchange between our places.

Abigail Janjic, ’Sans titre ’, scan, acrylic, dried acrylic, pigments powder, plastic Pocket, 2019
Galleri Lars Palm, Klotterfestivalen 2017, installation, photo: Karin Bäckström
Vianney Fivel, Marginal activities – OPTIC program, installation, 2019, photo: Karin Bäckström
Eva Arnqvist, ’Att göra plats för’, 2017, workshop at Backbeatbolaget, photo: Karin Bäckström