Galleri Konstepidemin

Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden

Konstepidemins Väg 6
41314 Göteborg

Galleri Konstepidemin is an artist-run art gallery that consists of several exhibition spaces, each with a different character. The main gallery shows contemporary art in a gallery space of 155 square metres.

Two other spaces offer an atmosphere that calls for experimental and site-specific artworks: Bergrummet/the Cave room is a stone walled valve. Pannrummet/the Boiler room is a cellar. The newest scene is the pid web gallery for moving art and sound: At Supermarket we proudly present the artist Johanna Tymark. The installation shown is an adapted version of an exhibition at Gallery Konstepidemin from January 2013: An intertextual milieu functioning as a platform for stages of decay, renovation and construction, opening up a dialogue with the extended field of contemporary Vanitas.

"Utan titel", watercolor and gouashe on paper, 56 x 38 cm, 2012, Johanna Tymark
"Utan titel", watercolor on paper, 80 x 56 cm, 2012, Johanna Tymark
"Utan titel", mixed media, 68 x 31 cm, 2012, Johanna Tymark
"Utan titel", mixed media incl. sandpaper 160 x 44 x 46, 2012, Johanna Tymark
"Utan titel", clay, 35 x 32 cm, 2012, Johanna Tymark