Galleri Gotland

Visby, Sweden

Klosterbrunnsgatan 1A
62156 62156, Visby
Visby, Sweden

Oidipus x 2 – The living complex?
What is today's taboo? What is the modern taboo?
When we live in a society where more and more people are accepting things from one day to another, we must go into the depths and find the most banal thing we know to find todays taboo. The core of time and of the past in our living. A taboo that is universal, just as current yesterday as today. That is, Oidipus.

Siri Iversen-Ejve, 'Dick collection' , Limestone, ongoing collection
Agneta Gazelius, 'Oidipus', analog photo, 2018, photo, photo assistant: Patrik Hörberg

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