Galleri CC

Malmö, Sweden

Båstadsgatan 4
21439 Malmö
Malmö, Sweden

Galleri CC is a non-commercial, artist-run gallery located in Malmö. The group of artists running the gallery take on the roles of curators, embody and partake in exhibition concepts in collaborations with artists invited by the gallery. Each year, the gallery has eight exhibition periods which consist of solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and open calls. Galleri CC is in a constant state of transformation and the engagement in art and artists from all over the world is the groundwork of the organization. Galleri CC was founded in 2003 as a studio organisation called Cirkulations Centralen. In 2015 the gallery became independent from the studios and moved to a separate location in the residential neighborhood of East Sorgenfri, Malmö. Since its inception the gallery has hosted more than one hundred exhibitions, performances and events with artists from all over the world. Galleri CC has participated in Supermarket Art Fair, Art Swap Europe, Art Safari, Alt_Cph Art Fair and collaborated with Galleria Rajatila Tampere (FI), WIZARD Gallery in Oslo (NO), OK Corral (DK), HilbertRaum (DE), Sydhavn Station (DK), Den Nordiske Ambassade (DK), Schimmel Projects (DE) Sorbus (FIN), C4 Projects (DK) and Low Standards (NO). Gallery committee 2022: Benjamin Andersson (SE), Emm Berring (SE), Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS), Maja Gade Christensen (DK), Richard Krantz (SE), Johan Lundin (SE), Bahareh Mirhadi (IRN), Ina Nian (SE), Maria Norrman (SE) and Sofia Wickman (SE).

Galleri CC was founded in 2003 and is a non-commercial, artist-run space for the production and presentation of contemporary art and culture, located in Malmö, Sweden. The gallery is located at Båstadsgatan 4. This year, five artists are representing Galleri CC at Supermarket. Maja Gade(DK) works with landscapes and the materials landscapes consist of. She works with both natural and constructed landscapes. In her work the optimism in a blooming flower meet the destructional narrative of the ruins. Arngrimur Borgthorsson (IS/SE). Arngrímur is influenced by ethereal objects and concepts which often exist only in theory or on a screen and attempts to make them into more solid, permanent objects which exist in the real world. Bahareh Mirhadinezhadfard (IR/SE) works with film and performance, exploring themes such as family memories, exclusions, natural history, migration, human action and reaction, patience and tolerance Ina Nian is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist and their current research driven and site specific focus on Sweden’s colonial history during the transatlantic slave trade is an on going long term project. Emm Berring is a painter who draws inspiration from nature and the feelings, and tactility, it evokes in a body as it moves through the landscape.