galleri bergman

Helsinki, Finland


When artist Anders Bergman graduated from the ArtAcademy in Helsinki in 2006, he got confronted with the fact that exhibiting installation works in the city had a number of obstacles. It was redicoulusly high rent fees at gallerys(wich have to be paid by the artist!) long waiting times, and very strict time limits for building up and taking down the works. He then decided to use his working studio to present his works. After gathering friends and putting a sign on the street the show was on. It was very appriciated and led to a decision to invite friends and collegues to exhibit. All of a sudden a new gallery was born. The gallery is runned and maintained by all involved artists where we share the reponsibility, work and maintainance as well as the financial costs. After being at stand by mode on the second half of 2010 galleri bergman is now injected with new energy and running.


galleri bergman is striving to create possibilities for artists to exhibit their work without the need to pay money for it. We believe in solidarity and the possibility to effect and change by asking questions through the artistic plattform of galleri bergman.


galleri bergman is continuing to explore new territories outside of the gallery walls by participating in and arranging events and happenings. We are striving for extended networking with similar groups and organisations. We want to contribute to a grassroot exchange network for artistic work, exhibiting and creation of event and happenings.

Taalainmaa, installation/performance, 2006, Anders Bergman
The Band tempera/ wallpainting, 2007, Camilla Vuorenmaa
Selfportrait akvarell/cloth,2008, Johanna Sipilä
Movement Performance,2008, Tii Stark
Horse Oil on Canvas, 2008, Kalle Leino
Death, Oil on wood, 2007, Sofia Bilius

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