Galique Art Space

Gyumri, Armenia

Ghorganyan 123, 5
3101 Gyumri
Gyumri, Armenia

For Galique, landscape is the foundation of life, ethics and culture. Landscape is on loan, and was lent to people by their future. The given landscape shapes people's lives and enables them to deal with it. Since time immemorial, people have linked their knowledge of landscape to the landscape in order to understand and shape the future. That knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.
Within the landscape, people translate knowledge from the past into the future.

The landscape not only connects people and nature, but also separates them, it creates boundaries and does not allow everyone in.

Galique is a present ground between the past and the future.
Galique maintains the balance between nature and people through art.
Galique is the mediator who crosses borders through art.
Art is understood worldwide. Galique takes advantage of this opportunity, which provides the space for cross-border dialogue and knowledge transfer at Supermarket 2023.

Galique Art Space was initiated by the vision of Hrachya Vardanyan and Ralf B├Ącker with the artists' platform Art Insight. Galique is interconnecting art to present movements, discoveries and creations. Thus, to provide a space, where the creation of our future reconnects to our cultural heritage and its beneficial purpose as a source to build upon.