Galique Art Space

Gyumri, Armenia

Ghorganyan 123, 5
3101 Gyumri
Gyumri, Armenia

GALIQUE Art Space is an initiation of free-lancing artists based in Gyumri city, Armenia. It was founded in 2022 by the vision of Hrachya Vardanyan and Ralf Bäcker with Karen Barseghyan and Avetik Vardanyan.The name “galique” in translation from Armenian means “upcoming, future, forthcoming”, which defines the future not as a dimension where we are moving to but as a vision coming towards us.It reveals the visionary qualities of art, related to the ecology of memory, inward and physical landscapes and cross disciplinary art mediums.GALIQUE doesn’t have a particular venue and it appears wherever artists gather around that concept.We are open for international collaborations with interested artists and other entities through GALIQUE related concepts and projects.