Prague, Czech Republic

Bělehradská 45
12000 Prague
Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic


The gallery known as A.M.180 belongs among the oldest well-functioning galleries in Prague which were founded from „below“ by artists themselves. Its existence is made conditional on A.M.180 Collective – continually consisting of Štěpán Bolf, Anežka and Jakub Hošek who established the gallery in 2003, Nik Timková, Tina Poliačková and Lumír Nykl. The exhibition space has been provided by the multifunctional club Utopia in Bělehradská 45 since 1997.
Although the gallery has to „compete“ with a number of other independent galleries that were founded after the year 2000, it has managed to maintain its characteristic profile and thanks to this it holds a specific place within the Czech art scene. Unlike a number of „off-spaces“ which declared that they would introduce the work of young artists, A.M.180 Collective has never made any generation resolutions – the only criterion for the choice of artists who exhibit there is the subjective interest of the organizers on contemporary art. However, in the long run this „subjectivity“ approach has resulted in a well-balanced and good quality picture of the present art scene. The gallery presents the work of artists across generations, solo and group exhibitions and regularly organizes also exhibitions of foreign artists. The gallery emphasises on multi-genre character, especially in the relationship between music, fashion, applied and visual arts. The same attention within the collective is paid to concerts which form a natural part of the exhibition projects. An important feature of the gallery is the fact that until recently it has been financially autonomous, which is still true in case of the music production. 
By the end of the year 2016 the gallery organized more than two hundred exhibitions, since 2013 features series called Cut Club, focusing on art and fashion and since 2016 a new series focusing on written word Book Club (180 B.C) featuring performative readings, talks, discussions and more.

The idea of the exhibition is to re-interpret the installation of the exhibition originally installed at our gallery in Prague and situate this virtual reality in oculus in Stockholm to provide experience of this hybrid space directly to the visitors of SUPERMARKET.