Galeria Raczej

Poznan, Poland

ul. Głogowska 53
ul. Głogowska 29
60-738 Poznan
Poznan, Poland

Our proposal for Supermarket refers to the topic of documentation of broadly defined performance art. Artists and galleries dealing with ephemeral art are integrally accompanied by numerous obvious questions referring to its visual recording. Who is documentation for - an artists , spectator or maybe a potential art collector ? Is it necessary at all?
The traditional ways of documentation as photography or video are often able to make an artists obtain a new recipient. For an ephemeral action it may be the most likely way of entering the cultural circulation. Documentation, especially photography becomes a new , autonomous value which may change the meaning of the performance. We would like to face the topic of documentation and try to propose other ways to present performance art documentation; which will be based on performative practices .
By using gamification methods we would like to involve the Supermarket participants and guests into a process of gaining knowledge about performative and social projects organized by us. We will refer to the issues of performance art documentation as well to the remnants of performances like objects or sketches.
The important part of our project at Supermarket will be 3 performances by polish artists. We will make a curatorial choice among artist who cooperated with us during last 4 years. The final list of presented artists depends on their availability and can be presented in several weeks.

Franzisca Siegrist, Galeria Raczej 2015, photo.Sonia Firlej
Hector Canonge, Galeria Raczej 2013, photo.Sonia Firlej
Łukasz Trusewicz & Agnieszka Szablikowska, Performative Lecture, PAO Oslo 2014, photo.Monika Sobczak
Paweł Korbus, MPA-Berlin by Galeria Raczej, photo Aleks Slota
Zbigniew Warpechowski, Galeria Raczej 2015 photo.Sonia Firlej
Łukasz Trusewicz, Perfonauts, Galeria Raczej 2015, photo.Sonia Firlej