Galería Metropolitana

Santiago, Chile

Felix Mendelssohn 2941
8460146 Santiago
Santiago, Chile

Due to its location, construction, theoretical programming, and exhibition practice; Galería Metropolitana is a unique art space in Santiago, Chile. Founded in 1998, the gallery is connected to the house of their directors, Ana María Saavedra and Luis Alarcón, in Pedro Aguirre Cerda, a working-class neighbourhood. The gallery and their home create a flow of space and combine art and life. For 2023 the gallery invites Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias, Chilean artists living in London. The show presents them as contributors, thinking that the future of contemporary arts lies in sustainable collaboration. By reviewing their personal archives and digging for images that united them, the artists believe that art is an invitation for thinking collectively using sustainable processes.

4 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Your are trash, you know_ and Porsche', oil and acrylic on canvas and analogue photograph on paper, 60x40cm, 2023
3 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Rembrand and Cornelius', Digital photograph on paper, 45x75cm, 2023
2 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Ruinas Udine and Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid, 1998)', analogue photograph on paper and oil on canvas, 55x140cm, 2023
1 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Bird I and Dead bird', analogue photograph on paper and digital drawing on paper, 60x106cm, 2023