Galería Metropolitana

Santiago, Chile

Felix Mendelssohn 2941
8460146 Santiago
Santiago, Chile

Galería Metropolitana presents “Maximal”, an exhibition by Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias. The Chilean artists that live and work in London will share their first show as a team, analysing how the future lies in sustainable collaboration. By reviewing their personal archives and digging for images that united them, the artists believe that contemporary art is an opportunity for thinking collectively and using sustainable processes.

This exhibition is presented as a common ground, between different, but close artistic practices. The booth will show at least 20 pieces (painting, photography, sculpture, digital drawings and watercolours), created between 2011 and 2023. In symbolic pairs, the pieces will be installed in an organic way around the stall, hanging on the walls and using the space as tri-dimensional objects.

Fiorella uses serendipity to create her visual works, uses analogue photography and gives those images body through sculpture and installation. Marco draws on the symbolic connections within his paintings to materialise the current trends and images of mass media.

The new oeuvre will consist of all new meanings and poetic reflection after pairing the works of both artists. As a third wheel, the audience will connect the works symbolically and materially. "Maximal" contributes to the concept of sustainability, from a material and poetic perspective, recognizing that art can exist, not only by creating new objects but by reactivating those that already exist.

GALERÍA METROPOLITANA is an independent space founded in June 1998, by Ana María Saavedra and Luis Alarcón, in the Pedro Aguirre Cerda district, Santiago de Chile, as an extension of their home. It is a project thought and designed from the local, a base that supports the production and dissemination of contemporary art through the reconnection between the popular world and the learned world, through two basic dynamics: the development of contextual works (participatory or not) and the sustained work within the social local fabric and the art world, throughout the construction of collaborative networks from neighbourhoods, regions and worldwide.

4 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Your are trash, you know_ and Porsche', oil and acrylic on canvas and analogue photograph on paper, 60x40cm, 2023
3 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Rembrand and Cornelius', Digital photograph on paper, 45x75cm, 2023
2 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Ruinas Udine and Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid, 1998)', analogue photograph on paper and oil on canvas, 55x140cm, 2023
1 Fiorella Angelini and Marco Arias - 'Bird I and Dead bird', analogue photograph on paper and digital drawing on paper, 60x106cm, 2023