Galeria Entropia

Wrocław, Poland

Rzeźnicza 4
50-129 Wrocław
Wrocław, Poland

Entropia is a good name for something that reflects the drift towards unclassified phenomena and opposes common formatting. Here art is an open domain, the boundaries of which - theoretical, cultural and environmental - are being constantly challenged and redefined in unpredictable ways. It is not only a space of artifacts' 'consumption' but also a meeting point of different artistic practices. Here ideas and strategies can become completed works, new projects or activities formed at or beyond the conceptual boundary of art.
Entropia conducts intense exhibition and education activities. So far more than 500 events including screenings, lectures, concerts, workshops and meetings with artists have been organised. It has been documenting artistic events and presenting new-media projects since the 1980s.
The gallery runs a unique animation workshop for children (Children's Film Factory). CFF enables children to change from being passive and consumption-oriented to active participants in their surrounding, culture and media, and provides them a chance to be creators. The CFF's films have won numerous awards at Polish and international festivals.
The gallery was founded in 1988 on the initiative of Alicja and Mariusz Jodko (who continue to run it) and is financed by the City of Wrocław.

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