Galeria Biala

Lublin, Poland

Lublin, Poland

The Biała Gallery was founded in 1985 by an artists couple: Anna Nawrot and Jan Gryka. From the very beginning the gallery has focused on non-commercial art reflecting new phenomena arising in modern art, expressed in a wide range of forms and using all kinds of media.

Flexibility and indefiniteness as well as removing limitations constitute the essence of the events at the gallery.

The Young Art Forum programme based on collaboration with students of the Art Faculty at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin has been run as the parallel activity of Biała Gallery since 1996.

The gallery is connected with the Centre of Culture where its exhibition space of 64 sq m is located.
So far Anna Nawrot and Jan Gryka have organised over 300 exhibitions and meetings, among them collective exhibitions presenting art at galleries located in other cities. The gallery has an extensive archives of its activities and issues catalogues documenting events that it organises.

Recently, apart from regularly prepared exhibitions, the Biała Gallery changes an outdoor space in vicinity. Anna and Jan invite artists whose interventions in this area create a new space, which they called „Art Yard”.

Danuta Kuciak: "Wealthy Girl", photograph, digital print, 2009
Jan Gryka: "History of Crambs - The Last Episode", photograph, 2007
Krzysztof Sołowiej: "Zuchmadame II", epoxy reisin, objects, 2008, photo: Jan Gryka
Mariusz Tarkawian: "Art History And Civilization Test", ink, marker and acrylic paint on the wall, 2007–2009, photo: Jan Gryka
"Art Yard", 2010, photo: Jan Gryka
Anna Nawrot: "2474", installation, ties, 2009, photo: Jan Gryka
Exhibition view, Supermarket 2011, Photo: Emelie Carlén