Fundacja Ziemniak i

Warsaw, Poland

ul. Krasińskiego 2/4/6
01-601 Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

Can we, by combining phobias, ideas around “attractive disgust”, sardonic humour and myth, be guided away from this low-grade positivism we have now, to a place where the shadows can mumble?

Fundacja Ziemniaki i, by playing with and combining these forces, together with three artists, wants to bring a more magical way of thinking to our lives.

Agnieszka Cieszanowska’s c l u s t e r e d questions what’s repulsive and irrational about the way we interact with world, both digitally and IRL. Where do our phobias and fears originate from anyway? When confronted by her pieces we question the way we see the world, and in that moment of not-knowing, the rituals, figures and beliefs of Alicja Wysocka can seep in. Alicja’s beings and traditions are instances of reconnecting with something, something lost but not forgotten. A renewed relationship to our world is needed. One that supersedes the current narrative that tells us nature’s only function is as a carbon sink. Rituals and beliefs have to be a part of this new way of belonging. If this all sounds too serious and lofty, then we’re brought back done to earth by the work of Ola Korbańska. Two huge fabric pieces will hang in the space that read ALL WILL END WELL and WELL, ALL WILL END. The sardonic humour of the last works brings a shot of much needed humour and pathos to the world building that often goes on in the art world. With a wry smile, Ola’s work grounds our imaginations in the urgency of continuous catastrophes.

Ziemniaki i is a Warsaw-based nomadic exhibition space, publisher, art bookshop and foundation. We put on group and solo shows of artists while also raising money to explore the social potential of art in society through research projects and collaborations with universities, other NGOs and activists. All the funds we raise go towards paying artists and all other collaborators fairly.

c l u s t e r e d
c l u s t e r e d
a ritual Ziemniaki organised to mark the changing of the seasons
Ola Korbańska's ALL WILL END WELL
Alicja Wysocka's Equinox 2022 performance