Fundacja Salony

Zielona Góra, Poland

Salony Foundation is non-for-profit organization of contemporary visual art established in 2011 in Zielona Góra by art historian and political scientist in cooperation with local artists: Aleksandra Ola Kubiak, Rafał Wilk, Jarek Jeschke, Michał Jankowski, Basia Bańda and Marek Lalko. We concentrate on social, historical and political related visual arts, and realize our projects with local and foreign artist. Our mission is to make the art understandable for the local society, giving them possibility to interact, learn and participate in lectures, workshops and discussions with the professionals. We are sharing our space between ateliers, exhibition space and reading room. Since 2012 there is also possibility to apply for international artist- in - residence program in Zielona Góra.

Aleksandra Kubiak “Dolce Vita”, film, 2011
Aleksandra Kubiak “Dolce Vita”, film, 2011
Jarek Jeschke "Steely", oil on canvas, 2011
Michał Jankowski “Salon”, installation, 2011
Rafał Wilk "Herr Brot", video, 2011
Basia Bańda, from the series "Nightmares", water colours, ecoline on paper, 2011
Marek Lalko “Analog past”, Photo installation, 2011