Fullersta Bio Konsthall

Stockholm, Sweden

Huddinge KonstnärsKlubb/HKK was founded 1988 in connection with the opening of a new commercial suburban center in Huddinge, south of Stockholm. We wanted art and culture activities to take a considerable part in the suburban life. And at last we had the opportunity to open our own art gallery, Fullersta Bio Konsthall, in an old community building.

Since 1996 we have arranged more than 160 exhibitions, managed by the members of HKK on a non-profit-making basis, and documented in the recently published book “Fullersta Bio Konsthall 155 utställningar 1996-2009”. Especially we want to mention our exchanges with artist-organizations in other countries as Hungary, Greece, Netherlands, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Åland and Finland.

In large shop windows some exhibitions are shown 24 hours around.

Kim Stensland: “Fett ledig”, folding chair and bacon, 2009, photo: Olle Magnusson
Birgitta Wennerling: "Supersnygg Svanmärkt Soptunna", garbage barrel and yarn, 2002, photo: Olle Magnusson
Åsa Byred: "Mina gyllene horn", two horns made out of one big PVC wastpipe, 1999, photo: Olle Magnusson
Håkan Bull: "Havsfarkost", garbage barrel, water and goldfishes, 2002, photo: Olle Magnusson
Birgitta Wennerling and actors: "Catwalk", white plastic tarpaulin, 2003, photo: Olle Magnusson
Olle Magnusson: "Stålbadet", recycled bath, glue and 6300 screws, 2008, photo: Olle Magnusson
Birgitta Wennerling: "Rosmari", folding chair and vibrating Rosmari, 2009, photo: Olle Magnusson
Margon Lindberg/Petter Hellsing: "Rar smeksam och ...", plastic christmas trees, 2007, photo: Olle Magnusson
Olle Magnusson: "Luftslott", frigolit, glue and some colours (320 x 400 cm), 2010, photo: Olle Magnusson