fragment S

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Studio 710 128 Erlang House Blackfriars Road Southwark
SE1 8EQ London
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

fragment S is an independent curatorial project by Sookyoung Huh. For Supermarket 2014 fragment S is proud to present work by a group international photographic artists that explores facets of the domestic landscape. These artists include: Cecilia Paredes from Peru – whose camouflaged images are inspired by her own experiences of adjusting to new locations. Sian Bonnel from the UK - who deploys her British sense of humour to explore the domestic routines of women. Björn Larsson from Sweden - who has recently completed a 10 year photographic project called Brandplats 3 with a special publication. On this occasion, however, he will be showing photographs of interior scenes from the life of his aunt and uncle who collected art. Carl Johan Erikson is also from Sweden. His Tank series is an experiment in personal archaeology. It revisits places from his childhood that were to influence his subsequent beliefs. Corinne Vionnet is from Swaziland – she uses images from the internet to generate a new to landscape that is highly mediated by technology. She found a whole world at her desk.


Together these artists inhabit landscape as an ordinary human environment: sometimes odd, sometimes uncanny but ultimately a lived-in space.

fragment S aims to create an environment where artists can meet, play and discuss how to develop their themes and ideas within the opportunity to exhibit their work in a new locations and contexts.
Its ambition is to broaden the artistic vision, and understanding the otherness and reflect artists’ own identities – presenting them as they want to be presented.
Its ambition is to broaden artistic vision, and to understand the otherness – and to reflect the self-identity – of the artist, presenting them as they want to be presented.
Represented artists will include Jeong Mee Yoon, Sung Pil Han, Soo Sik Lim, Chan Min Park, Kyung Ja Jeong and Sookyoung Huh.