Vienna, Austria

The FOTOGALERIE WIEN is a non-profit organization constructed as a collective. We consider ourselves as an information gallery running independently from trends set by the commercial main stream. Founded in 1981 by Josef Wais, a team of seven photographers started in 1982 with a continuous exhibition program at our current location, the WUK (studios and culture house). The goals today are the same as those initially established: To show contemporary art photography, interdisciplinary projects and new media while reacting directly to current themes, pressing issues and discourses. The initial locally-based focus was followed by the desire for an even further exchange of ideas that would go beyond local borders. Since 1984, in addition to the exhibitions representing international positions in the FOTOGALERIE WIEN, regular exhibition exchanges with galleries and institutions abroad continue to be a vital part of today’s program. New ideas and challenges, as well as the constant fluctuation within the collective were and still are the recipe for further ongoing development. In 2005 the “Association for the Promotion of Art Photography” was extended to include “New Media”.

Since its beginnings and until today, the Fotogalerie Wien has maintained its characteristic grassroots democratic structure as a collective.

The collective develops exhibition ideas, gallery concepts and various programmatic aspects in discussions drawing upon diverse subjective perspectives and ideas, the viewings of numerous submitted portfolios at regular meetings, and the frequent exchange of information with local and international experts and institutions.

Booth at Kunst Wien 2004 - just to give you an idea what our booth will approximately look like
Booth at Kunst Wien 2004 - just to give you an idea what our booth will approximately look like
Entrance of the FOTOGALERIE WIEN