Fosforita Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Cabestreros 8
28016 Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Fosforita Madrid is an art space for experimentation, collaboration and artistic training located in the Lavapiés neighborhood, Madrid.
The artists Le Frère and Eva Zaragozá manage this artistic space where we also work and investigate their pieces and projects.
As artists and managers of the Fosforita Madrid, they want to present a proposal for Supermarket Ar Fair that is articulated through two experiences:
Exhibition Experience
Le frère will provide Again Gernica, a ballpoint pen drawing on canvas (300 cm x 180 cm, 2022) that tries to interpret Picasso's painting to adapt it, with a figurative language, to the current social context.
Eva Zaragozá presents her painting project Hysterical Studies of Color (HSC). The artists points out the reduction of the experience in the perception of art not intended to be seen through a screen through a change of scale between similar paintings,
Performative Experience
Fosforita Madrid is open, cheerful and close character. All kinds of artistic events are held: parties, exhibitions, concerts, auctions or artistic residencies.
In parallel to the previous experience, they are going to develop two performances in which the public is as protagonist as the artists:
• Suicide Auctions (le frère and Ana Morgade)
• Be Illustrated! (Eva Zaragozá)

Eva Zaragozá and Le Frère during a performance
Eva Zaragozá in her exhibition
Body painting days open to the public
Ana Morgade y le frère during the performance Suicide Auction
Draw class
Le Frère performance