Saint Petersburg, Russia

3d Sovetskaya str, 2
191024 Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg, Russia


In one of recent media publications FFTN was called “a place, that is full of heart”, so the key goal is to bring its special atmosphere and art to the Supermarket.
Saint-Petersburg as well as the whole Russia hasn’t being very optimistic place recently. Collapse of social sphere, never changing politicians, vulnerable position of art workers and growing censorship in Russia - only melancholia is a natural attitude to it. The sadness penetrates the works of both young and well-established artists, becomes inevitable part of them. But if the art is what we do against the existing cultural reality, we invite all visitors to enjoy the feeling of despair with us and... to dance it over!
FFTN presents fifteen works of fifteen artists from Saint-Petersburg (and not only) together with the provoking soundtrack, mixing popular and protest Russian music. Art works are done in various mediums, but there are several items of etchings to be shown. While in other regions artists pretty rarely make them, in Saint-Petersburg it is still widespread and popular practice, often done in authentic Soviet machines.

Liza Bobkova, Alexander Sedelnikov. "Hope, nobody has heard us"
Mikhail Greht. Series "Solders".
Nadja Sinozerskaya. Silent downtown.
Sasha Zubritskaya. No title
Semen Motolyanets. Etching. Series "Rooms"

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