Factory 49

Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

49 Shepherd St
2204 Marrickville, Sydney
New South Wales
Marrickville, Sydney, Australia


Factory 49 is based in Marrickville in Sydney, Australia. Since its foundation in 2006, Factory 49 has specialised in exhibiting work that is non-objective, reductive and abstract. Accordingly, it has consistently provided a valuable space for experimental projects and exhibition opportunities for artists working in this field. As well as promoting artists from across Australia, a number of international artist exchanges and opportunities have occurred, enabling a wide exhibition of work, as well as generating exchanges, connections and dialogue along global networks.
For Supermarket 2017 Factory 49 has selected emerging and mid career artists whose work is located within the field of non-objective and reductive abstraction – this is not only an art historical context, but is also a source of visual vocabulary to be mined and utilised expansively in a contemporary context. While the forms may be familiar they embody an attitude of challenge towards their history, materials, process and modes of display.
This is Factory 49’s first participation in Supermarket Art Fair.
Factory 49 is a non-profit association operated by a management committee of practising artists.
To review past exhibitions visit factory49.blogspot.com and for further information contact the Management Committee at factory49@optusnet.com.au.

Anya Pesce, "Red Fold on floor", 2016, heat moulded poly methyl methacrylate, 80 x 50 x 50 cm.
Chris Packer, "Caseload", dog leads, fabric offcuts, 2.4 x 2.4 x 3 m
Michelle Le Dain, Monet's Garden, 2016, Hemming thread, cotton balls and wool felt, dimensions variable
Pamela Leung, "Heaven and Earth II", 2014, site-specific installation, mixed media, dimensions variable
Jake Blaschka, "Obelus 1 & 2", aluminium composite panel, wood, fluorescent light, acrylic paint, paper
Lisa Sharp, "Les Petits Morts (12 paint-less paintings)", 2016, chalk gesso and beeswax varnish on teabags with copper wire and bamboo embroidery hoop, 62 x 46 x 3 cm

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