Nijmegen, Netherlands

Tweede Walstraat 5
6511LN Nijmegen
Nijmegen, Netherlands


Extrapool comes from ‘extrapolating’; working from the existing toward the unknown. We make room for the creative process because we argue that you cannot always conceive/reason for innovation; it is caused by doing. What, who do you bring together, what’s the place of the artist? We often choose art that’s less visible or that does not necessarily present itself as art and is less clear-cut and ‘out there’. Sound (performance), short exhibitions and rough printed matter by stencil workspace Knust forms Extrapool.

For Supermarket 2021 Extrapool is represented by long-time printshop collaborator Finn Öhlund and Victor Crepsley.
Finn has printed his psychedelic folklore inspired prints at Knust since 2013. Expanding on these themes he is working with designs on a ‘hay chair’ and crafting general utensils.
Victor creates worlds that may feel both funny and dystopian. He works in dazzling combinations of film, collage, music, live performance, etc.

Finn Öhlund - installation
Jennifer Tee
Victor Crepsley
Jesse Brinkerhof - Magical Meme
Finn Öhlund - Telesippa
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