ETAJ artist-run space

Bucharest, Romania

43 George Enescu Street
010304 Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania

ETAJ artist-run space was founded in 2018 by Mircea Modreanu and is located in Bucharest, Romania. ETAJ presents emerging and established figures from the local and international contemporary art scene. At Supermarket 2024 ETAJ presents a group show "Lady Lucy Ohrs-Elf: The Embodiment of the Feminine Spirit" featuring four Romanian-born women artists: Ilina Schileru, Antonia Corduneanu, Diana Butucariu, and Ruxandra Tudoran. Conceived around a fictional character, the exhibition consists of a dream-like scenery, showcasing moderate-sized pieces, in various media, arranged to immerse the viewer in a gentle visual discourse on womanhood, art practices, and personal mythologies.

Ruxandra TUDORAN - 'Triumph of Life', oil on canvas, 87 x 73 cm, 2023
Ilina SCHILERU - ‘Liberty sleeping’ charcoal on paper, 152 x 200 cm, 2023
Diana BUTUCARIU, 'Modular concept', 80x50x25 cm, Stoneware, engobe, hand-built, 1260°C
Diana BUTUCARIU - 'In connection-Red', 40x 38 x 55cm, Stoneware, engobe, hand-built, 1260°C
Antonia CORDUNEANU, 'Simulated Consciousness', (4/4)5x5x10 cm, laser engraved crystal, 2020
Antonia CORDUNEANU - 'Anti-icon', 70x100cm, UV print on plexiglass, stainless steel frame, 2020