Espacio Tangente

Burgos, Burgos, Spain

09005 BURGOS

Based in Burgos (Spain) established 2001, we are a non-profit public organisation with self-managment, an assembly, and a horizontal structure.

Our main aims are: autonomy, independence, transparency and compromise as a way to achieve citizens' participation and involvement.

We consider that public administrative and economic resources can be organised by an independent collective and besides, we believe that it´s the best tool to organize, programme and connect artistic, cultural and social events in our local context.

Espacio Tangente considers culture and art not only as tools for creation, but also means by which one can try to transform the social, culture and political enviroment we live in.

BURGOS PROVINCE´S LANDS MAP_Instalation_Collective project_2009
CHRONOSCOPIO_Patricia Caballero_Object theatre_2010
EL LUGAR DE LA PALABRA_Manu Gil_instalation_2009
El Encuentro_Urban intervention_2003
That´s the story of my life_Macarena Recuerda Sheperd_Object theatre_2010_Photo by LuisMena
VOLK_Cecilia Perez Pradal_Documentary theatre_2011_Photo by LuisMena
ANDROMEDA_Instalation_Cecilia Segura_2009
A.N.O.N.I.M.A._Artist´s book-Limited edition_Seisdedos_2010
400.000 Carlos_Collective Exhibition_2011