espace libre visarte biel/bienne

Bienne, Switzerland

faubourg du lac 73
2502 Bienne
Bienne, Switzerland

Lumpen station is a web radio from Artist Run Space "espace libre visarte Biel/Bienne" in central switzerland. As side project from exhibitions/residencies programm that aims at extending art practices on a sound scale.
With voices, sounds, music and others kind of contributions, art practices are exploring forms in an immaterial frame.
These involve a sensitive dimension and escape from the usual art market rules. Being braodcasted in real time by internet connexion, and being accessible openly and for free on the web site as podcast, they give the opportunity to create a connexion between the art space and the outside, between the past and the present, bypassing the all to often exclusive logics of the artistic production and consumption.
In supermarket 2020, espace libre Visarte Biel/Bienne is presenting his "sound room", in which they'll involve other fair's contributors in producing one live-broadcasted sound-performance a day. will try to do real-time research on the role of the "atmosphere" in allowing Artist Run Spaces to offer an alternative to more conventional and institutional art spaces. Swiss artist Andrea Marioni currently running espace libre Visarte Biel/Bienne with the support of philosopher Luca Depietri and artist-neuroscientist Eva Zornio will explore the notion of atmosphere in Artist Run Spaces using concepts such as generosity, empathy and conspiracy.

Lumpen station, espace libre outside view
Lumpen station, extra muros, Jonathan Frigeri
Artist in residence, lumpenstation, Marion Guillet
Femminist Strike collective radio show
Interview with Thomas Hirschhorn