Ed Video Media Arts Centre

Guelph, Canada

40 Baker Street, PO Box 1629
N1H 6R7 Guelph
Guelph, Canada


Ed Video was created in 1976 to promote the creation, exhibition and appreciation of independent media arts. 'Ed' is short for 'Educational' and as the technology and possibilities of the medium of video have rapidly changed in 42 years, education remains the guiding focus. It is the only artist run centre in Guelph (100km from Toronto with a population of 125,000) and offers exhibitions, screenings, workshops, and video production equipment. Ed Video organizes project-based exhibitions in Guelph, around Canada, and internationally featuring video-based art, but also other forms of contemporary art, events, screenings, partnerships, and public art. Supermarket 2012 was the first international art fair Ed Video participated in, and the experience inspired many other international initiatives in countries such as Mexico, USA, France, Greece, and England. Ed Video program director is Scott McGovern. Ed Video is committed to showcasing a ride range of diversity in the artists we work with and the types of projects we initiate. Ed Video is governed by a volunteer board of directors and is primarily funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council. www.edvideo.org; https://www.facebook.com/edvideoguelph/; https://www.instagram.com/edvideoguelph/; https://twitter.com/EdVideoGuelph Ed Video is proposing a booth featuring video, sculpture, and photography by four young women who are rapidly gaining attention in Canada and internationally – Ivana Dizdar, Sophia Oppel, Xuan Ye, and Becca Wijshijer. Adhering to the curatorial concept (please see attached PDF for essay), these works will create a dynamic environment to contemplate the artist’s position within entangled structures of politics, technology, education, business and economics. Presented together, these works play off of each other to explore the aesthetic dimensions of language, persona, relation, and digital media in the act of determining the rules by which one chooses to adhere (and which to reject) as a contemporary artist. The booth is designed to feature layers of video displays, objects, and 2D work for visual interest and unity, and so each work maintains its own distinct presence. Ed Video is confident that this selection of work will resonate strongly with audiences at the Supermarket Art Fair. Guest curated by Angel Callander http://angelcallander.com/ Ivana Dizdar https://www.ivanadzidar.com Sophia Oppel https://www.sophiaoppel.com https://vimeo.com/272419962 Xuan Ye https://a.pureapparat.us Becca Wijshijer https://www.beccawijshijer.com