E T A J artist-run space

Bucharest, Romania

George Enescu 43
010304 Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania


When the E T A J initiative showcases out-of-state, they go collective. The proposal for Supermarket Art Fair 2022 in Stockholm is making a slight reference to the art market mechanisms, in a manner that emphasizes the East/West dichotomy, that often occurs while traveling as a nomadic presence, and E T A J has done that in the past, since their launch in 2018. They first opened up a rhizomatic space in Copenhagen in 2019 (announced as E T A J K41). In 2021 they were participating at Juxtapose Art Fair in Aarhus, first edition.
While encountering artist run-spaces from other cultural areas of the world, of course, comparisons arose as to how the mechanism of artist-run spaces works within different social structures, where political strategies also function differently. Cultural identity is the research project for our 2022 participation at Supermarket Art Fair.
While questions about the cultural differences may get heated responses in a collective art show, e.g., remembering the Interpol exhibition in 1996 în Stockholm, where results lead to a scandal of proportions, E T A J project would assess its stance on the subject, through fine criticism and a performative concept that would suggest the missing piece of Interpol project: try to engage in an open and fair conversation.

the inside view of the mobile gallery E T A J on wheels
The founders of E T A J artist-run space, Mircea and Dumitru,setting up the OFFSHORE WHITE CUBE exhibition on the lake, August 2020 courtesy of E T A J
E T A J crew at Ion Ghica Pallace from Ghergani, June 2021
Lets make UAP great again exhibition
Razvan Nastase and Mircea Modreanu at Ghergani. Rendez-vous aux Jardins. 2021
Sebastian Iacob, Gentle Protest / exhibition at ETAJ artist run-space, 2020