Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Töpferstrasse 26
8045 Zurich


DIENSTGEBÄUDE proudly presents Andreas Marti, Wink Witholt and Silvie Zürcher at Supermarket 2013. A variation of different approaches and positions that gives a snap-shot of the programme of DIENSTGEBÄUDE and its collaborating artists.

An installation by Andreas Marti with cut rubber sheet on the wall shows a kind of drawing / cut-out. Shapes of images which have a presence and which disappear at the same time. They explain a kind of story without explaining it.

Wink Witholt presents bronze casts of animal sculptures. Two animals in different sizes, sitting on each other. They evoke funny and strange constellations.

Silvie Zürcher presents small and large-scale photographs made by scanning the surface of wall installations. The images shift between a strange depth of sharpness and a blur.

“Hi, how are you”, Installation View, Scan, c-Print, 2011, Silvie Zürcher
“Spriessende Trophäe”, Scan, c-Print, 2010, Silvie Zürcher
“Spriessende Trophäe”, Scan, C-Print, 2010, Silvie Zürcher
“Hi, How Are You”, Scan, C-Print, 2011, Silvie Zürcher
“Les Balancoires”, Installation View, Wood, Rope, 2011, Wink Witholt "Spam Poem", Installation View, Acrylic on Wall, 2011, Wink Witholt
“Dunno”, Cast, Bronce, 2011, Wink Witholt
“Take it easy”, Cast, Bronce, 2011, Wink Witholt
“Close to Intention”, Paper, Car Jack, 2012, Andreas Marti
“A Kind of Horizon”, Rubberfoil, 2012, Andreas Marti